COMING SOON! Watch this space for online sales of Cleber’s Oggún tractor to the U.S. and Canada markets!


Cleber Havana Fair 2016 report

Our Oggún Tractor and other products were again well received by the Cuban people. While we are disappointed that the ZED Mariel team rejected our proposal to build a factory in their location for not meeting their requirements, it does not change the fact that 300,000 Cuban farmers need Oggún and our other products.

We look forward to working with the Cuban Ministry of Agriculture and the import agencies to get our products into Cuba as soon as possible.

All of this will be made possible when the embargo is lifted.  We encourage our supporters to reach out to their elected officials to make sure that happens.

Until then, we will continue to produce the Oggún Tractor in Fyffe, Alabama for US farmers and our international distributors.


If you have any further questions please contact:

Horace Clemmons (256) 655-8792

Locky Catron          (256) 244-5939


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—  About Us —

CleBer is a joint venture, established in 2015 by Cuban native Saul Berenthal and U.S. businessman Horace Clemmons, to provide simple, cost effective tractors to Cuban farmers. Greater efficiency in farming the land will allow today’s field workers to become part of tomorrow’s supply chain in distributing Cuban-grown agriculture to a wider geographic area.

—  Sobre Nosotros

Cleber es una entidad privada establecida en el 2015 por un empresario nacido en Cuba, Saul Berenthal, y un emprendedor norteamericano, Horace Clemmons. Se pretende proveer al campesino cubano, un tractor de coste asequible y que es simple de operar y mantener. Con el incremento de la eficiencia agrícola, se pueden crear y/o incrementar puestos de trabajo en la cadena de logística para la distribución del cultivo cubano a un área geográfica más esparcida.